Who We Are

We are all about events! From vintage affairs with touches of lace, to modern celebrations vibrant with style, we can supply you with what you need for your celebration. We focus on providing specialized event decor and dedicated services to help bring your vision to life.


Our showroom is located in Beltsville, Maryland, 20 minutes north of the District of Columbia and 30 minutes southeast of Baltimore, Maryland. 

We currently serve the D.C. Metro Area, Central Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Contact us and let us help you!

Meet the Founders

As a bride, bridesmaid, friend, and relative, we witnessed and experienced the need to incorporate uniqueness from our own traditions, lifestyles, and visions into our personal events. We not only saw and felt the struggle of finding items that met our needs, but found it difficult to obtain quality items and services that matched our means.


Renita Caracciolo


  • Favorite movie - Rush Hour
  • Thing you can't live without - My calendar/to-do list
  • Favorite color - Purple
  • Favorite season - I say Spring, but my wardrobe says Fall
  • Childhood dream job - The next Whitney Houston
  • Guilt foods - Chocolate Cake
  • Favorite Time of the Day - Nap time! After a busy morning I love taking at least an hour nap to recharge and continue tackling (maybe) my afternoon to-do list


Shaina Ayers-Conway


  • Favorite colors - Pink & Gold
  • Favorite season - Fall
  • Favorite book(s): Great Expectations, When Bad Things Happen To Good People, The Alchemist, The Noticer, A Christmas Carol
  • Childhood Dream Job - Princess
  • My favorite part of each day - I'm an early riser and I live in a high-rise apartment. So every morning when I wake up I make a cup of tea, sit at my table, and stare out of my window. It's amazing how much clarity I find during that time in the morning.